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Well, my last postings should have given you some good stuff to think about. Therefore today a short posting ;-) As you have noticed last night Marc Vanderbeeken has left a comment to my posting: “Designing Contexts: Co-creating Services”. I’ve felt quite pleased about this for 3 reasons. Let me tell you why:

  1. Mark is one of the fastest bloggers I’ve met so far. He seems to have his right & left brain directly connected to the keyboard of his computer and instantly posts on his blog “Putting People First” whenever a webnews in the filed of experience design gets to his attention. Beside his passion for blogging Marc is a senior partner in the new experience design company Experientia and a strategic communications consultant based in Torino/Italy.
  2. Mark’s blog is on my RSS feed for more than 6 months now and even though experience design is not 100% on my personal focus I’ve been looking for an appropriate opportunity to promote his blog to a wider audience for a while ;-) Well, this has been done know ;-) and his blog is definitively staying on my bloglines list!
  3. Finally in his recent comment Mark confirms my assumption that the insights of the RED Unit report might be well suited to be transfered to other contexts as well. Far more interesting Mark reports that he has organised a workshop with Richard Eisermann, Head of Design & Innovation UK Design Council recently on the transformation of the Piemont region. If you’re interested in some more details go and contact Mark via his PPP (Putting People First) blog.

Well, while writing this posting I wonder why I shouldn’t ask Mark for sharing some details via a guest posting here on this blog?! Stay tuned!

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  1. Mark Vanderbeeken Says:

    Ralf, can you send me your email address? Mark

  2. Ralf Beuker Says:

    … to be found at: …

  3. Putting people first Says:

    A thank you for all those nice words…

    With this post, I just want to publicly thank all those who have written nice words about Putting People First, especially after the recent relaunch.
    These include Bruce Nussbaum (also here), David Armano, Alan Chochinov, Ralf Beuker (also here), R…

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