Hello and welcome to the brand new ‘Zollverein School Blog’! After a break of some months I’m happy to continue my work from the Zollverein SummerSchool 2005 blog on this new space and named: The Zollverein School Blog.

As you can see in the header claim on top of this page the current release is numbered with 0.9. Within the next weeks new content and postings are placed on this blog and will make it grow bigger and more powerful towards version 1.0.

So far I (Ralf Beuker) am the editor of this blog which is maintained by the Zollverein School in Essen, Germany. We’re planning to extend the group of contributers ranging from staff members of the Zollverein School over students, alumnies to guest lecturers and external experts.

Similarly to the Zollverein SummerSchool Blog 2005 I will take the opportunity of the Base Camp taking place in Essen from November 24th to 27th, 2005. The Base Camp seminar is the introductory event to the MBA. It offers the possibility to get to know the Zollverein School and its programmes. Successful candidates have been invited for the base camp in order to have the selection interviews for the MBA programmes. Finally the Base Camp introduces students to the connections of management and strategic design and their special application in design-oriented companies.

I will be present on all 3 days and will report about lectures, sessions and other events. This should give you an idea of the character of this unique school.

So stay tuned and feel free to drop a comment anytime by using the comment feature at the end of each posting.

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