Zollverein School student conference-hopping …

After a busy week/weekend I’ve returned from the latest DMI European Conference in Amsterdam lately. Since you will clearly be interested in the essentials discussed there I think it will be a good idea to share reporting about the experiences between this blog and mine since a student from Zollverein School, Peter Schreck, has also been in Amsterdam.

I love the idea that the closer the first class of Zollverein MBAs comes towards the end of their studies later this year the more we will see them appearing in various design management contexts promoting the school. After all I’m looking forward to reading about Peter’s impressions here on this blog.

While talking about attending conferences, you might recall that some weeks ago another Zollverein School student, Rolf Mehnert, visited the Core77/BusinessWeek forum “Design 2.0: Discussions on Design, Strategy & Innovation” in New York. Kudos to Core77 since in the meantime Allan Chochinov and his folks created a dedicated space for this and the upcoming conferences and has assembled a nice de-briefing area about the New York conference with podcasts, photos and conference reviews (Rolf’s among them ;-)

According to Core77/BusinessWeek’s “Monday Morning Must Read” Editor Niti Bhan “Jeneanne Rae’s (podcast) is worth a listen - she compared the ROI perfomance of customer focused firms against S&P averages and emphasized the need to look at topline growth via design principles over short term profits.”

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