Blog Posting Debut | MBA student: Hannes Hofmann

This week it’s a pleasure to introduce a posting MBA student Hannes Hofmann has submitted some days ago. In some sort of response to an earlier posting of mine here on this blog Hannes shares his recent musings on the meaning and definition of design with us.

I find his views of particular interest since in contrast to students of similar programmes (even though the Zollverein School MBA currently is the only creative MBA on the market at the moment) he holds a Diploma in Engineering and by definition he is not a trained designer (see this forum entry on “differences between a designer and an engineer to learn more about stereotypes and reality).

Accordingly I experience his view as far more open and less biased than what you usually hear among “designers only” communities. In any case I’m looking forward to see more guest postings from other 1st class MBA students since there are several of them who do not originate from the core design domain. Where are the brand experts … ;-)

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