How Blogs and Forums differ | AIGA-Gain Mailing list

In the course of my daily search for “truffles” on the web I’ve stumbled across AIGA’s online journal “Gain: Journal of Business and Design”. While digging further into content offered on their website comprising topics like “Communicating design thinking”, “Design as Strategy” or “Design Leadership” I’ve also joined the “AIGA-Gain mailing list … an informal, open discussion on topics at the intersection of design and business. The list is a companion to Gain: AIGA Journal of Business and Design, and is intended to provide inspiration for need and desired topics for the journal.”

Each week list moderator Jeff Lash posts a new topic for discussion, and at the end of the week he summarizes the discussion which evolved around the topic. The following paragraph is quoted from his latest email he’s sent:

“First, less than 2 months from its creation, and this list is close to breaking 200 subscribers! It’s been a fantastic response so far, and thanks to everyone for joining. Please join in the discussion, as the list is only as valuable as your input into the topics.

Speaking of your input, if you have any suggestions for future topics, my pile is running low. Submit questions that you’d like the group to respond to, based on your real life experiences or things you’ve always wondered about. I can make up topics or synthesize ideas from other discussions or publications, but really it’s best if we’re all working on responding to real world questions and quandaries.

Lastly, in case you didn’t know, at the end of each week, I summarize the topic and the responses. These summaries are posted to the Gain site, and you (and others) are able to comment. It’s a great resource, whether you comment on past topics, link to a good discussion from your blog, or use it to catch up on what you may have missed.


So far I’ve been simply lurking around, but I’ve thought that this list might be a good means to get in touch with designer colleagues and professionals from overseas and share views and perspectives. I’ve even spotted some fellow bloggers from the US like user experience expert and Core77/Design 2.0 panelist Steve Portigal or Innovation consultant Victor Lombardi at the forum. Talk to you later at AIGA-Gain ;-)

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