Redesign at Putting People First Blog

Congratulations go to Marc Vanderbeeken and his colleagues at the “Putting People First (PPF)-Blog” to their recent re-organization and re-design of their website and accordingly blog! PPF understands itself as a “non-commercial experience design gateway … developed as a public service to all those interested in the broader field of experience design and user-centred design.”

As we tend live in the “experience economy” the range of topics PPF addresses is somehow enormous and a look at their comprehensive list of blog categories gives you a good idea what Marc and his colleagues have addressed in the past.

In order to provide you with quick access to what’s being posted at PPF in realtime I’ve created a separate headline on the right hand sidebar of this blog titled “Guest Feed |”. Under the headline you will find an updated list of the recent 10 topics being posted at PPF’s blog. Similar to experientia’s “Guesthouse” section I will switch the source RSS-Feed from time to time in order to mirror other interesting RSS Feeds as well.

In any case I’m open for any suggestions which news sources you would like to see on this blog in the future. Just drop me an email:

2 Responses to “Redesign at Putting People First Blog”

  1. Mark Vanderbeeken Says:

    Woow. Thank you for this nice post. I guess I will have to return the favour soon!

  2. Putting people first Says:

    A thank you for all those nice words…

    With this post, I just want to publicly thank all those who have written nice words about Putting People First, especially after the recent relaunch.
    These include Bruce Nussbaum (also here), David Armano, Alan Chochinov, Ralf Beuker (also here), R…

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