Interview with new DMI President: Tom Lockwood

While I know that most students at the Zollverein School are members of the Design Management Institute (DMI), Boston you might have noticed that DMI has a new President since the beginning of 2006.

This month Tom Lockwood who introduced himself in person to the design management community at the recent European DMI Conference in Amsterdam has been interviewed by Brigitte Borja de Mozota (DMI Lifetime Fellow) on his new role and the future direction of DMI.

You can read the interview online at the DMI website >>>. What would interest me in particular is your perspective on how Zollverein School could respond to the issue of “varied needs from design management” Tom Lockwood mentions:

“ … So there will be an ever more important online component to information dissemination, and likely more of our members will take up leadership roles in regional venues. There are varied needs for design management in different regions of the world, so perhaps our greatest challenge will be to address these needs with localized content. …”

So, what do you think are the information needs and structures regarding design management for the German context as well as the opportunities for Zollverein School to become an “international authority, resource, and advocate on design & business education”.

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