Zollverein School Blog listed at INDEX:2007

Today I’ve found the Zollverein School Blog listed on the recently released website of INDEX:2007. Haven’t heard about INDEX: yet? Well, after all INDEX: is a non-profit network organization, that focuses on Design to Improve Life worldwide. Here’s a quote from their website:

“The first INDEX: meeting was held from 7 – 11 November 2003 in Executive Lounge, which also serves as the international jury for the INDEX: Award. This meeting marked the constructive beginning of INDEX: as a commercial foundation.

INDEX: 2005 took off with great success and international applause. The INDEX: idea was a reality created by the organization and 37 private and public partners. Design to Improve Life was a new approach to the definition of good design.

WHAT DOES INDEX: DO? INDEX: presents the best examples of Design to Improve Life, awards the very best and gives access to the underlying processes, thinking and people, by:

  • Awarding the biggest design award in the world in the categories body, community, home, play work. INDEX: Award is worth € 500000.
  • Presenting international design exhibitions.
  • Hosting summits for the world leaders of design and innovation.
  • Publishing and distributing knowledge.

So if you might ask yourself now: “How do I nominate a design for INDEX: award 2007?” you might want to read this PDF which explains the procedure. As there has been some critical discussion about the credibility of design process and contests recently it might interest you that there is no fee of any kind required to take part in the competition.

The nomination brochure even suggest several approaches to nomination for design institutions ranging from a national design competition (with the winner getting nominated by the organizing body) over web site polls to group submissions from design(ers) managers.

So any great ideas or submissions out there? Let me know and share via comments to this posting or by sending an email to zschool[at]design-management.de. Hurry up: Nomination has already started on June 13th, 2006, and ends November 18th, 2006.

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