Introducing: Mark Vanderbeeken

experientia_logoMark Vanderbeeken, our first guest blogger did not disappoint me :-) In his typical Putting People First style Mark has been so kind to write a short note on the workshop he organised with Richard Eisermann and Roberto Verganti on how to foster the climate for regional innovation by user-centred design approaches.

While this description makes me even more curious ;-) I find that this is a fine example on how to apply design principles as a means to address business problems. Actually this approach is one facet of what has been emerged as “Design Thinking” in the last couple of months and to which I’ve dedicated a separate blog at the: (more activity on this frontier to be expected this spring; promised).

For now: Welcome, Mark Vanderbeeken!

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  1. Zollverein School Blog » Blog Archive » Redesign at Putting People First Blog Says:

    […] Congratulations go to Marc Vanderbeeken and his colleagues at the “Putting People First (PPF)-Blog” to their recent re-organization and re-design of their website and accordingly blog! PPF understands itself as a “non-commercial experience design gateway … developed as a public service to all those interested in the broader field of experience design and user-centred design.” […]

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